Embedded Systems:

PCB image

Schematic and Layout design:

If you are interested only in creation of the schematic or you already have a schematic and you need the layout for it then Imbed- It can offer this type of service.

Embedded Software image

Embedded Software:

If you already have a PCB and you are interested in the software for your project then Imbed- It can help you with this too. Embeded Software is done according to the agreed specification.

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Bug Fixing:

If your system is not working as you are expecting then you have a bug in your hardware or software.Imbed- It can help you in identification and elimination of the bug.

Web Projects:

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Web Page Development:

If you are intered in creating a webpage , Imbed- It can help you in achieve this goal. We can create the webpage in which you will fall in love. We can help you in all stages of development.

WebPage Update image

WebPage Update:

If you want to add a new functionality to your webpage or you want to change your theme Imbed- It can help you in this too.

Web Page Update image

Web Page Bug Fix:

If your backend is not working as your expect or your webpage is rendered different in older or other browers Imbed- It can help you in solving this problem.