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Some info about the webpage.

Lumineco Electric SRL - is a fast growing company in the lighting field since 2008. Specializing in direct supply of lighting equipment, the company holds a strong and confident position on the markets of Republic of Moldova and Romania. The main mission of the company - is the promotion of modern, energy-saving, efficient technologies in residential and industrial lighting. Aimed at long-term cooperation with its customers, the company is constantly improving the production process, quality control, and strives to properly maintain pricing policy without making business in the blind pursuit of profit.

Technology Used.

Lumineco webpage is build on yii 2 framework, which is a php framework.Yii is an open source, object-oriented, component-based MVC PHP web application framework.
The Yii project includes a repository of user-contributed extensions. There was also an official extension library, zii, which was eventually merged with the core framework;
it has been bundled in every release since Yii version 1.1.0, and includes additional behaviors and widgets, such as grids and jQuery UI. Yii comes with a collection of official documentation, such as a tutorial to develop a simple blog application, a guide that gives the description of every feature and a class reference which gives every detail about properties, methods and events. There's also a user-contributed documentation, most of which is available within the wiki on the official website.
For more information you can visit Yii oficial webpage .
Visit Lumineco webpage.