Finished projects :

Lumineco Img Lumineco

Lumineco is a electronics webstore, here you can find lots of ligh sources, led strips, led equipment and alot more. Lumineco is a multilanguage website.

Danke Img Danke

Danke is the leading seller of windows sills in the Romanian. Danke Windows sills are an alternative to natural materials.


IHR is a human resource system , that allows HR to manage employees and companies that are being part of the companie.

Service Bus Img Service Bus

Service bus is a online store for car components. They are in this bussines from 2007 and can help you with any cars.

Eager Learning Img Eager Learning

Eagear Learning is a webpage on eletronics tutorial. You can find all the necessary information on electronics circuits and electronics components.

Imbeded-it image Imbed-It

Imbed-It is a our webpage in which we are posting our in progress and finished projects. Imbed-It is a simple static webpage.

Forum Eagerlearning Eager Learning Forum

Eager Learning Forum is a webpage where discussion on electronic circuits and programming are hold.Don't hesitate to visit this webpage.

Ion Lungu Ion Lungu

Ion Lungu is a photo and video entuziast, who is working as a cameraman at a Moldavian tv company. He is working more than 7 year as photographer and cameraman.

Projects in progress :

RTos image uncon...

For those peoples that are interested why people are trying to get rich and why when they are rich they don't enjoy their life but are trying to get richer and a lot more.